Information security Dubai

Information security Dubai

One of the most important unit of a Company's Resources is an Information. The efficient receipt, storage, processing and transmission of data, and timely and efficient use of information play decisive role in enterprise success. The company maximizes its benefits, capitalizes the business opportunities and achieves competitive advantages.

There are many new technologies being used to access the information. Connecting via a wi-fi connection is by far the most common way laptop owners access the wireless internet.

It is hard to overestimate the effectiveness of PC and the actual data rate of a network. The amount of information on paper-based documents is practically limited as opposed to digital format. The transmitting information over the telecommunications networks speeds up the process of getting information.

Information security dubai

There are many threats to the confidentiality of information stored on end user devices, such as personal computers. Some threats are unintentional, such as human error, while others are intentional such as amend or delete records, steal the data or deliberately distort data. Damage to computers or storage devices may lead to loss of important data, so the data need to be properly protected. Companies that ensure the data is comprehensively protected can greatly reduce complexity and overall risk from all possible threats.

Information security UAE

information security uaeFor understanding the principles of the data protection is necessary to consider some knowledge of privacy and security concepts.

Information Security is the process of keeping information secure, preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. In addition, other properties, such as authenticity, accountability, non-repudiation.

Confidentiality is a solution set that limits access to information by only authorized users with the appropriate permissions.

Integrity is considered the crucial component of security which focused upon the processing information. It is the assurance that the information is accuracy and completeness.

Availability is a way to guarantee that authorized users can access the information when they need it (or require).

The important things of the information security system are considered the basic elements:
- Security Analysis;
- The protection of information system from unauthorized access;
- The protection information system from unauthorized internal access by employees of the organization
- Authorization and authentication;

Information security regulation Dubai

information security companies in uaeThe ISO 27001 (The International Standards Organization) provides a set of guidelines and best practices for information security management with regard to Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. The ISO Standards describes and clarifies concepts and provides guidelines for the establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an information security management system.

An ISMS is a set of interrelated elements that organizations use to manage and control Information Security for protection information assets and give confidence to stakeholders.

Confidential information can be the most valuable asset of a business. ISO 27001 can enable enterprises to save it assets and can enable management to demonstrate due diligence.

All security controls, mechanisms, and safeguards of information systems are described by the Integrated Security System.

Integrated Security System is committed to protecting what matters most :storage, encrypting data, access monitoring and sharing data which describes by the relevant regulatory documents.

Successful implementation of an Integrated Security System help protect Company Resources that enable:
- Monitoring of the information system;
- Block access to sensitive data and confidential information
- preventing confidential data from being leaked
- Retrieving lost data after blocking and damage

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